Proposals for poetry readings should be organised by a coordinator (male or female) and include a minimum of two and a maximum of four woman poets. Each poet will have ten minutes to read/recite/perform. The format of the readings are at the discretion of the coordinators. The time allocated to each group will depend on the number of poets involved.

All proposals should include: a title, synopsis of the theme (max. 200 words), name of the coordinator, brief biographies of each participant, a poetry sample (1-2 poems per participant) and a contact email address. Please, let us know if you need video or audio mixing equipment.

‘Reefs’ section

Readings in the ‘Reefs’ section (dedicated to reviving and disseminating the voices of past or present women poets) can involve 1-3 people. The allocated time for these readings will be 15-30 minutes, depending on the number of people participating.

To propose a tribute reading, please include: name of poet to be celebrated, a brief summary of her career, participant names and a contact email address.

All readings can be in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese or English. They can also be in any other language, if accompanied by a Spanish translation.

Please send your proposals (in an attached file) to

Deadline: 1 July 2019